Metex engineer is the leading manufacturer and supply Copper & Bronze Castings used in Blast Furnace.

Product Range:Tuyeres/ Tuyere Coolers:

Metex engineer, supply full range of Tuyeres including the single compartment and patented dual- jet tuyeres with X-Ray high quality in india.
We manufacture to include ring for gas-tight fit and grout holes and to accept steel flanges to permit direct welding to blast furnace.

Cooling Plates: cooling plates produced for steel companies allover the world. We manufacturer unique characteristic of its design is that it permits grouting of the furnace. For special blast furnace applications,  coolers can be used for fabricated in many different dimensions. Easy to installation of the steel bands or flanges are welded to  cooler  in the field.

We also supply industrial castings like large bronze bearings, both standard and water cooled, impellers and bronze inners in India.